[tɛ ke ɲʝo] | noun, Venezuelan
gooey, creamy queso blanco wrapped in flaky pastry crust, then fried
[bu lu lu] | noun, Venezuelan
a large, boisterous gathering of people hankering for tequeños

A bite of Venezuelan culture

Tequeños are the mystical nexus between cheese, pastry dough and fried deliciousness. Engineered for party people, you’ll need at least a dozen for your next shindig.

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Born and raised in Venezuela, Cristina Clemente came to Seattle in 2014 to be closer to her two daughters and their families. She started Bululú three years later.

Cristina embodies the bululú experience. She’s energetic, fun, and the combination of her expert culinary skills and her magnetic personality unavoidably bring people together. People gather for the tequeños, but Cristina makes the bululú.

Now you can bring people together with some of her famous tequeños.

Frying Secrets

It’s no secret that tequeños are fried, but achieving their perfectly golden brown crust is still a mystery for many. Here are some tips from Cristina on how to put the right amount of fried into every bite.


Let your tequeños defrost in the fridge overnight. If you didn’t plan ahead, you can fry them frozen, but they taste best when thawed first. 


Don’t deep fry tequeños! Pan-fry them in just under 1 inch of vegetable oil.

Heat the oil in a caldero—a pot with high sides and a thick bottom. Once the oil heats up (between 329 to 345 F), fry your tequeños for 5 to 6 minutes, or until they achieve their patented golden goodness.

Let's bululú

Let the bululú begin! Buen provecho!


Speak Venezuelan

Good work learning tequeño and bululú. How about a few more?

Bulla – noise, lots of it. Once tequeños make an appearance at your bululú, the bulla will be kicked up a notch.

Esos tequeños alborotan la bulla.

Burda – a lot. You might find yourself saying:

Me gustan los tequeños burda.

Chamo/a – dude/dudette

¡Chamo! Burda de bulla en ese bululú.

Chevere – cool. Everything is chevere.

¡Que chevere ese bululú!   

Naguara – the uniquely Venezualen adjective to describe how incredible or extraordinary something is.

¡Naguara de sabroso este tequeño!

Pasapalos – party snacks your party people will devour.

El tequeño es el rey de los pasapalos.


Rumba – the night might start with a bululú, but it’ll end with a rumba, or an all-night dance party.

La rumba comienza con un buen bululú.

Buen provecho – You might hear this right before you bite into a tasty tequeño, but it’s different than its French counterpart, bon appétit. It literally translates to good advantage and bids the eater good health as they take their first bite.